Freeing Data

Data on the crypto and financial markets is inconsistent, biased, expensive or inaccessible.

Freeing Finance

DIA exists to make financial data standardised, open-source and accessible to everyone.

The DIA platform powers the next generation financial ecosystem with crowd-validated, open-source data.

Traders, researchers, content
outlets and anyone else can
submit a ticket to DIA and fund it.
Developers and
A community of analysts and
developers source, verify and
standardise the data.

Trusted Data

The DIA platform hosts standardised, crowd-validated, open-source financial data and information.


dApps and apps can access data via oracles or an API.

Data Seekers

dApp developers, traders, content portals or researchers – anyone with a need for financial data can submit and fund a ticket on DIA.

Request data

Developers and Analysts

Data scientists, cryptographers or developers can earn ETH and DIA tokens by developing scrapers or cleansing and analysing data.

Work on a ticket

dApps and Apps

Third parties like content outlets, financial product issuers or traders can access DIA’s trusted data through our API and Oracles.

Connect to data

We provide validated data for a wide variety of on-chain and off-chain data users:

The DIA community has already scraped APIs of the major digital asset exchanges and the European Central Bank.

Meet us here

The DIA Token is the fuel for the DIA community

The DIA Token is the unit of currency on the DIA platform. It is used for staking to crowd-verify data, fund bounties for sourcing and enriching data through cleansing, analysis, get access to real-time data-feeds and specific oracles. Find out more in our whitepaper.

Download Whitepaper
Data Seekers fund tickets with DIA Tokens
Data Seekers
Devs and analysts are rewarded with DIA Tokens
Devs and analysts
dApps and apps get real-time access with DIA Tokens
dApps and apps
is the new standard for verified financial data.
enables the creation of the future financial services.
is open-source and driven by the community.
is transparent, immutable and efficient by design.
breaks down barriers to the financial markets.
powers the next generation financial ecosystem.
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