Supply data

Earn DIA by developing scrapers algorithms, and DIA platform features. Stay tuned to the bounty explorer and our Telegram group for notifications about new tickets. Find the latest tickets listed here:

How it works

1.Explore open bounties

a) Explore tickets on Gitcoin’s “Issue Explorer”
b) Use the filter to see only DIA tickets
c) Tickets are categorised for difficulty.

2.Apply for a ticket

a) Click “Start Work”.
b) Fill out the “Express interest” form
c) Wait for approval from the ticket issuer

3.Submit your work

a) When you’re done, click “submit work”.
b) Your PR is sent to the repo for review.
c) Your work is now reviewed by a repo owner.
d) If your work is approved, you get paid.


1. There are currently no open tickets. Where can I find them?

All open tickets can be seen on Gitcoin. There are not always open tickets. Especially in this early phase of the projects, tickets will be created less frequently. You can subscribe to our Slack and Telegram channels to be updated about new data requests as they come in.

2. The ticket issuer is not approving my work. What do I do?

All participants need to be aware that sometimes there are differences in opinion about the quality of a submission. If after an iterative process and input from the community there is no solution, it may be necessary to part ways. In the future, this will be mitigated by the DIA token staking mechanism.

3. The funds did not arrive on my wallet yet. What do I do?

Payment can take up to 48 hours. If the funds do not arrive on your wallet after that time, please contact us on our Slack channel.

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