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Whether you are a fund, a researcher or a media outlet – with DIA you can retrieve crowd- verified and transparent financial data quickly, easily and free of charge.

DIA is made possible by trusted third party providers like Github, Gitcoin and Metamask. To start your data request, you need a Github account and a Metamask account loaded with sufficient ETH to fund your ticket/bounty.

How it works

1.Create a Github issue

a) Open the DIA Github page.
b) Go to ‘Issues’ > ‘New issue’.
c) Choose the template fitting to your data request.
d) Fill the placeholders and submit.

2.Create a Gitcoin ticket

a) Open the Gitcoin bounty website.
b) Click on ‘Fund Issue’
c) Paste the Github issue URL in the field
d) Fill out the form and click ‘Fund issue’
e) Confirm in Metamask.

3.Manage contributions

a) Contributors will apply to your ticket.
b) Approve their request to begin work.
c) Finished work is submitted via a PR.
d) Approve, if you’re satisfied to pay funds.


1. How much funding is appropriate?

There is no simple answer to this question. Think about the effort required to fulfil the ticket and what a fair compensation for this would be as well as what it is worth to you. If you are unsure, you can always browse past tickets and/or connect with the community via Slack or Telegram.

2. What if I am not happy with a contribution?

There will be an iterative process with the developer in which public communication takes place. So you will not be left alone and can get the community’s opinion on any issue. In the future, there will be a token staking process, which will incentivise the community to actively take part in the verification of any submitted solution.

3. What type of project should I choose?

Gitcoin allows users to choose different types of projects: Traditional, cooperative or competitive. For now, we advise you to chose only traditional project types as our general infrastructure has not been optimised for the other two types.

4. Why to I send funds before work has started?

Funds are sent before work and kept on a smart contract that functions like an escrow account. This makes sure that the funds have been committed and avoids situations where a Data Seeker can not uphold his promise to fund work.

5. The templates don’t cover my need - what do I do?

The ticket templates provided in our Github account serve to give you an idea of how to structure a ticket and which important information to include. These are by no means exhaustive. Tickets may require additional information than what we suggest. Always make sure to provide a valuable briefing that includes all the information your contributors need.

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