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23/11/2020 – Introducing the CoinGecko Oracle

We’re excited to announce that CoinGecko asset data is now available via DIA’s decentralised Oracle platform. With this move, DIA is expanding its data offers to include data aggregators for a variety of use cases

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16/11/2020 – Core Team AMA Recap (DAO Vote)

DIA core team was featured on an ask me anything session in the official telegram channel to shed light on some aspects of the DAO vote. We’ve gathered the questions and answers from the session into a digestible format below

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12/11/2020 – Hello Polkadot: DIA Begins Cross-Chain Integration

We are delighted to announce that DIA will integrate with the Polkadot ecosystem. DIA’s trustable data and Oracle infrastructure will add to the growing number of use cases of DeFi applications in the efficiency-geared Polkadot network.

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10/11/2020 – Extended Team Token Vesting

The DIA core team has taken action to demonstrate our long term commitment even further by extending our vesting schedule by 29 months. Here are the details.

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10/11/2020 – Oracles: The All-Seeing Eyes That Guide Crypto Networks

Smart contracts are hungry for data. Some can be executed with on-chain data, but others need to be fed reliable data sources from outside of their network. This is where an oracle comes in.

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