Connect to data

We already host fundamental data for the 60+ biggest currencies and ECB exchange rate data. More data will be added as DIA grows.

How it works

1.All data is open-sourced

a) All data sources and validations on DIA are open-source.
b) Sourced data is pulled on the DIA database.
c) Anyone can connect via Oracles or an API under fair usage.

2.Connect to Oracles

a) Oracles lie in Ethereum smart contract
b) Regular updates by DIA Oracle service
c) Easy combining. E.g. BTC-EUR&EUR-USD

3.Connect to our API

a) Data feed published on a REST API
b) Realtime with frequent updates
c) Historical data available


1. What is the difference between an API and an Oracle?

While API’s are “normal” interfaces to deliver data to applications, oracles are specifically designed to deliver data into smart contracts on-chain.

2. How can I find out which type of data DIA already provides?

Please visit the DIA Github profile to see details on the data we provide via oracles and our API.

3. Is all data completely free?

Yes. For now all the data on DIA is completely free. In the future we may raise a modest, token-based fee to supply data in real-time and/or to provide specific oracles. Our data users will be informed of any changes well in advance.

4. I am having issues using the API or oracles. What do I do?

These types of issues are best raised with our community on our slack channel at Our team of members of the community will provide support.

5. The data I need is incomplete or not available. What do I do?

If you are looking for data that is not available by standard, then you can fund and submit a ticket and our community will provide a solution. This is not limited to scrapers, but can also entail cleansing, standardisation and/or analysis.

Request or supply data

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