We’re on a quest to liberate financial data. Join us!

We are building the biggest open access platform for verified and transparent financial data. Created by the community. Accessible to anyone.


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Our mission

We live in a world where data is being produced and collected ever-accelerating rates. Despite its abundance, true access to data is a scarcity. Existing solutions are siloed, charge steep prices, keep sources opaque and methodologies hidden. This effectively excludes smaller players and creates barriers for new market entrants.


DIA is here to help change that. We are building the largest open-source database of financial market data: Transparent, verified and openly accessible for anyone. We leverage the strength of a globally connected community, the possibilities of Distributed Ledger Technology and the growing open finance movement.


DIA exists to fuel an open data economy and create level access to financial markets.

The DIA platform


Solve tickets on GitCoin to supply data.
Build scrapers and algos and clean existing data to create the DIA database.


Document the scraper code on Github.
Data is automatically pulled to DIA servers and hashed on-chain.


Access the data directly via API or Oracles.
Connect DIA directly into your calculation agent or any other DeFi (d)app.

Connect to API/Oracle


Build indices (d)apps or DIA platform features.
DIA is open-source. Connect with us to create the new financial ecosystem together.

Start building

How to become active on DIA

Submit tickets

We use the open-source platform GitCoin to manage our ticket system.

Create your tickets there to push them to our community of developers.

Scrape data sources

Source financial data from exchange APIs and other public access sources.

Clean existing data

Hygiene is vital to maintain a high standard of data quality.

Organize, scrub and validate existing methodologies, datasets and scrapers.

Build apps and dapps

Applications for financial data come in many shapes and forms.

Connect to DIA data streams flexibly using either API or Oracles.

Build platform features

This is only the start. Dia has set out to become a full-fledged DeFi ecosystem.

Help us get to the next level by building the platform together with us.

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